Lizzy McCormick

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Lizzy is a psychologist at OpenUp. Creating a safe space is the foundation of her consultations. Lizzy’s approach is warm and positive. She has a genuine interest and maintains an unbiased stance. Through these methods, she fosters a sense of connection, making you feel heard and seen.

Lizzy’s way of working is solution-focused. Together, you will investigate your problems and how you currently cope with the situation. To challenge these patterns and to make a change, she utilizes psychological models and techniques from various perspectives, such as CBT and ACT. She has 3 years of experience guiding others through issues related to stress, interpersonal relationship problems, increasing self-awareness, assistance in finding purpose, managing work pressure, and working towards a healthy lifestyle.

To take care of her own mental health, Lizzy includes rituals in her life, including yoga, meditation, and sports. When her mind is full, she writes down her thoughts to create an overview and occasionally challenge them. She also makes sure to share a good laugh from time to time with the people she loves.

Lizzy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Health Psychology from Leiden University.

Lizzy speaks both English and Dutch.

"Where attention goes, energy flows. Let's focus on what is possible today! "