Maaike van Min

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Maaike is a psychologist with OpenUp. With her understanding, compassion, and ability to connect she will work with you to identify and move past the issues that are holding you back.

Maaike has worked many years in high profile leadership roles and is now an entrepreneur, as well as a psychologist. It’s been a powerful journey and she loves supporting you to find, and step into, your power.

Sessions with Maaike will be value-based, intention driven and will use a combination of ACT, Mindfulness, CBT, and positive psychology. She also taps into her own experience as a leader in high pressure environments and as an anxiety prone human being.

Maaike takes care of her own mental health through a mixture of meditation, physical exercise, healthy food, nature, philosophy and her dog.

Maaike received her Masters in clinical psychology from the University of Groningen and has been taught in Mindfulness at the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre.

"Let's start moving you towards your strength and living your life to the full."